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We Know Immigration Matters 

We know the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, as well as individuals and families undergoing the U.S. immigration process.

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Immigration Law

To assist our clients with their growing immigration-related issues, Ludwig Hulsey, P.A. has formed an immigration law team with more than 20 years experience in a variety of family and business-related immigration matters. We assist individuals and employers with:

  • Family sponsored immigration, including green cards for spouses, parents, and children of U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents

  • Fiancé Visas

  • Work Authorization

  • Deportation and removal

  • Tourist Visas

  • Maintaining I-9 compliance and Audits

  • Homeland Security Compliance

  • U.S. Department of Labor

  • H-1 B Audits and Investigations

  • Family-sponsored immigration

  • Obtaining visas for transferees from overseas facilities of the same or related business entities to U.S. facilities

  • Green cards

  • Applying for legal residency for alien employees’ families

  • Filing “optional practical training” applications for recent college graduates

  • Obtaining permanent U.S. residency for professionals and skilled workers

  • Obtaining time-limited work visas for college-educated workers such as H-1B employees

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