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Dental Practice Sale 

Dental Practice
Sale & Acquisition

At Ludwig Hulsey, P.A. Attorneys at Law, we understand that dentists need help in the field of law, specifically when it comes to dental practice sale and acquisition. Purchasing or selling a dental practice is often the culmination of years of work and preparation and carries substantial tax, legal, and lifestyle implications. When purchasing or selling a dental practice, it’s important to have knowledgeable attorneys to help the practice transition smoothly into the hands of the buyer and legal problems are minimized.

We offer services that comprise dental practice purchase and sales which is why you should seek legal representation for a streamlined transition such as negotiating asset purchase and sale agreements, writing and reviewing of non-compete agreements; provider agreements, leases and much more!

What About Buying
a Dental Practice?

When buying a dental practice, it requires as much attention to detail as selling a dental practice. This involves preparation in the form of tax planning, financial modeling, and negotiation by a team of trusted attorneys to deliver the purchased practice.  Likewise, there are also concerns that commonly go unnoticed and could interfere with the transition. Here are some questions to consider:  What kind of redo work are you responsible for?  Is there a malpractice, harassment or board claim you are unaware of?  Unpaid taxes?

Don’t become liable for claims, promises, and/or damages that occurred prior to you buying a dental practice.  Ludwig Hulsey can give you qualified legal advice when buying or selling a dental practice.

Dental Practice
Transition Services

Ludwig Hulsey can help you in several ways when it comes to buying or selling a dental practice:

  • Review & negation of independent contractor agreements

  • Writing and reviewing of asset purchase agreements along with title and lease documentations

  • Incorporation of the dental entity that will hold the practice including PAs.

  • Negotiating of the Asset Purchase Agreement

  • Structuring of the selling dentist’s continued employment as an independent contractor

  • Financing

  • Forming of LLCs and partnerships

Why choose Ludwig Hulsey, P.A. Attorneys at Law

We have been helping dentist transition their practices for over 15 years and bringing a high level of expertise to the dental community. We’re experienced negotiators and understand the unique issues confronting dentists. With our qualifications as attorneys, we understand the world of dentistry and work with teams of other professionals, including CPAs and practice brokers that are familiar with the field of dentistry. Let us help you, as a dentist, buy or sell your dental practice today.  We look forward to working with you as part of your team. Call today at (904) 281-0145!

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